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Men's Baxter Dolly Dream Boot's

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Men's Dolly's Dream Boots Designed by Tick Everett. 

Baxter will once again be donating $25 from every pair to the Dolly Foundation.

Available in US Sizes 6-14, half sizes from 7.5-11.5.

Men's Dolly Boot

US Sizes

Sizing is approximate and to used as a guide only.

Measurement is an internal measurement of boot.


6 - 23.72cm

7 - 24.56cm

7.5 - 24.99cm

8 - 25.41cm

8.5 - 25.83cm

9 - 26.25cm

9.5 - 26.68cm

10 - 27.10cm

10.5 - 27.52cm

11 - 27.95cm

11.5 - 28.37cm

12 - 28.79cm

13 - 29.64cm

14 - 30.48cm


The length from heel to top of boot is 12 inches.



The length from heel to top of boot is 12 inches.

Please note these are pre-order, so order now to ensure you receive a pair.

Like the Women's version, stock quantities will be limited! Pre order & secure your pair today.  



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