Love for Lily - Peach & Light Blue Trucker Cap

Love for Lily - Together We Fight Brain Cancer

Diamond K Country & Country Trucker Caps would like to announce the new realease of

Trucker Caps that we are selling to help raise money for Lily! 



"My name is Lily and I am 17 years old.

I was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour on the 1st of April and was airlifted to Sydney. Whilst in Sydney i had the tumour removed on the 4th of April.

My recovery after that was long and eventful, experiencing a cerebral leak in my brain causing immense pain and severe headaches.

They diagnosed my cancer by the name of an Anaplastic Ependymoma Grade 3. An extremely rare cancer generally diagnosed in children under the age of 10.

I further underwent radiation therapy in an attempt to remove any of the remaining cells. After having my therapy, it became apparent that my cancer has also been diagnosed under the title of “ C11 Orph Fused positive”.

Making things a lot more difficult with further therapies possibly being required in the near future.

Recently, my family has suffered greatly through a number of breakins and thefts. Including my laptop that had all of my future recordeds for my funeral details, last wishes and letters to my loved ones.

I have started this line of hats to in an attempt to not only raise money for further treatment, raise awearness and to also support my family through this tough time. " - Lily Laws

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