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The You're Not Alone Drought Appeal are currently hosting a raffle of epic proportions thanks to our supporters.

Winners will be drawn at random on the 29th of February, 2020.


Donations to the You're Not Alone Drought Appeal count as an automatic entry
with ticket values being;

(eg. donate $50 and receive 5 entries)

$10-$100 donation   = $10 per entry
$101-$500 donation = $8 per entry
$501 + donation     = $5 per entry
The more you donate, the cheaper your tickets!
Please ensure to have your name and contact details on all donations so you can be contacted should you win a prize!


Our Raffle Sponsors

Raising Money for our Aussie Farmers
Struggling with Drought

Many Australian farmers are struggling with one of the worst droughts in history.

The impact on farmers has been profound, with many just hanging on by a thread.

Through no fault of their own, they have lost high numbers of their stock & in some cases their livelihood.

What are we doing to Help?

Every Cent raised will be Donated Directly to Rural Aid to raise money for counselling, support services , hampers, bill assistance & so much more for those who need it most.

What Can You do to Help?

By buying a bale or donating, you can help the You're Not Alone Drought Appeal raise money for Rural Aid to finance the much needed Support for Aussie Farmers.

Your Tax deductible donation will allow you to get Special rewards depending on your Level of Support, (see below for details.)

So please give generously, & lets show our farmers that they are Not Alone & Aussies really do care.

Please feel free to give whatever you can, every bit helps!


Levels Of Support

Top 5 Highest Donations
Minimum of $500

  • Shout outs on 4HI and 4RFM Radio Stations as a Platinum Supporter
  • Mentions in the Daily Mercury & QLD Country Life
  • Exclusive Posts on Social Media:
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  • 10% off Discount Code for use at Diamond K Country (With an additional 5% of your Purchase going towards Drought Relief) Limited to one use
  • Thank You Poster


Top 15 Highest Donations
Under Platinum
Minimum $300

  • Mentions in the Daily Mercury & QLD Country Life
  • Group Posts on Social Media:
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    • Post in Community Groups
  • Logo on Your Not Alone Web-page (for Businesses)
  • 10% off Discount Code for use at Diamond K Country (With an additional 5% of your Purchase going towards Drought Relief) Limited to one use
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Donations $150+

  • Name Mentioned in Posts on Social Media:
    • Post on You're Not Alone & Diamond K Country Facebook Page
    • Post in Community Groups
  • Name Mentioned on You're Not Alone Web-page
  • 10% off Discount Code for use at Diamond K Country (With an additional 5% of your Purchase going towards Drought Relief) Limited to one use


All Other Donations

  • Over $50 Donations will receive a 10% off Discount Code for use at Diamond K Country (With an additional 5% of your Purchase going towards Drought Relief) Limited to one use
  • Donations Under $50 will receive a 5% off Discount Code for use at Diamond K Country (With an additional 5% of your Purchase going towards Drought Relief) Limited to one use


About Rural Aid

Rural Aid was founded in 2015 to provide a holistic support program to rural Australia. The starting point for the charity was the success of the Buy a Bale campaign, which Australians have generously donated to allowing the distribution of fodder, hampers and more. In 2018 Rural Aid embarked on the development of a specialised mental health counselling program, 100% fully funded to support rural communities.

Weather events such as drought, fires and cyclones mean that there is even more call for our services. We have a number of programs designed with rebuilding and repairing in mind. These include the Farm Rescue and Farm Army programs seeing thousands of volunteers give their time to support rural communities, the Gift of Music bringing the joy of music to the bush and mental health counsellors helping reduce stress, domestic violence, suicide, and supporting overall mental health in rural communities.

Your Not Alone Old Mate

Two old bushies talking, there’s a drought upon the land

One lifts his hat and wipes his brow, as he looks down at the sand

I’ve seen a lot of droughts old mate, but this one beats them all

The ones that we thought were big ones, well now they look so small


We always had access to feed and water, although it cost an arm and leg

Today the people on the land can’t buy it, no matter how much they beg

When you wake up in the morning, and walk the walk of shame

With all your livestock starving, and you feel its you they blame


Never in our history have we seen a drought so wide

It pretty much starts in the top end, and goes down

To where the snowy horsemen ride


Well let me tell you something, when your spirits are so low

It's not your fault the rain won’t come, and your pasture just won’t grow

Your management skills you question, have you done the best you can?

What do you think your father would have done, if he stood now where you stand?


Well if you will take my advice, you can hold your head up high,

you are the pioneers of this drought, as every dry day goes’ by

You have no track to follow, there are no footprints in the sand

Your father never seen a drought, like the ones that’s on your land


Then the black dog he will visit, when you’re feeling o so low

You start to think you have no options, and there’s nowhere else to go

Well let me tell you something mate, I’ve looked the black dog in the eye

And with the help of my good mates, well that’s what got me by


And in this lucky country there’s a lot I don’t understand

But as I’ve said a hundred times, I’m not an educated man

But how we can find billions, for a disaster off our shores

And yet we let our farmers suffer, with little money for their cause


So, what i’m trying to say to you, you’re not alone old mate

For if you look down the dusty road, we will be standing at your gate

And even if our governments, are acting a little slack

You can be assured from the rest of us, Australia has got your back


Bob Kohler

5 Mile Moranbah


To My Fellow Farmer

I wrote this 14 months ago after hearing about a farmer who took his own life and now 14 months later I would never have imagined that the rain still had not fallen.
A friend has asked me to re-post this as farmers, families and rural communities are still struggling and if this can help but one person who is fighting that black dog then it is worth re-posting.
The photos are photos that I have taken of our property near Tamworth. We live it everyday just like so many on here.

I may not know you all but I know all of your struggles, as they are my own.

To my fellow Farmer.
I see you farmer, feel you and understand you. I stand in your boots as you have stood in mine. I admire you and I look up to you, I understand your struggle, the heaviness in your heart and the bruises on your body.I feel the weight on your shoulders, I carry your pain, the torment of hindsight, the pride of generations and the shame of what seems like our failure.

I too know the cut of the double edged sword…the pride in what you do..…being too proud to ask for help …and I know what feels like the shame of finally accepting it.

We remember the good times and can’t help but wonder if we will see those times again, when the paddocks were green and our stock fat and shiny, when we were proud to call them ours at the saleyard. Those same paddocks now dirt and rocks and our stock but shadows of what they were. They stand still, heads lowered, numbers dwindling almost daily, ribs protruding ,eyes sunken, just waiting for the next feed out… if it comes at all. I know your sense of responsibility. We’ve both seen the dust kicked up by a random breeze and have daydreamed about one day seeing that dust turned to mud and these animals to their former glory. They stand here now too poor to go on a truck…we know how cruel hindsight can be when we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I too torment over the decision to go out and end all of their suffering….but then what for you and I?

I have felt the weight of that gun, the cold steel of the barrel and that split second of indecision and remorse as I have squeezed that life ending trigger…it still reverberates in us as every one of them does ….and you and I know that it never gets any easier. At that moment I know you would rather be anywhere else in the world…but you are there doing what is best when you can no longer help. I am there with you.

I know the love that you feel for this place…your piece of this earth…your piece of earth where your kids or grand kids played and grew up, where they learnt about life, where they fell and hurt themselves and learnt to get back up, where they learnt about loss and heartache and they learnt about hard work. You love this piece of earth….your piece of earth.

I too feel the build up of frustration and the remorse when that overflows…the hurt on our partners and children's faces when we can no longer hold it in. Have we let them down as we have let down our livestock? We don’t want to look anyone in the eye…. or even talk to anyone….yet we need to.

Farmer…and friend…. you are not alone.

I hold my breath with you. I search the sky every day for clouds. I search myself for the strength to continue. I think about how easy it would be to be somewhere else…how easy to not have to worry about money, about finding that next load of hay, about being able to afford it…not worry about the bank…about the dams drying up….about that old tractor finally breaking down….not worry about those cows so close to calving and not worry about you…. my fellow farmer.

I know that sometimes you feel strong and full of hope …and then other times you feel so weak and beaten. You think if you just hang on it will get better and then something or someone knocks you to your knees again and you don’t think you can continue any more….but you do… and you even surprise yourself. I am right there with you.

I see you farmer…. I hear the whispers from generations past, the old timers who tell us about their droughts, the relatives who lived their lives on the land… even some on this very property…and I feel the weight of their whispers right alongside you. They never failed…. but you fear that you may have failed them.

Farmer… in your darkest hours when you think you are all alone…I stand right beside you. Hear me whisper in your ear ‘stay strong my friend…this is not how it ends for you’. Let me promise you that better times are just over that rise and a time when we can both look back and say….we survived.

You know that to try and explain it would be futile but believe me…I hear you and I understand you. There are those who will help, who may not totally understand but still want to help you and I….. Let them help you.

This country will always need you and I ….even the ill- informed and our most staunch critics need us and they will too see that one day. They will realise that people like you and I will survive and even when we are at our lowest, beaten down by circumstances beyond our control there is something about us that will endure…. We are farmers.

I see you farmer….I feel you and I understand you….you are not alone….I stand in your boots as you stand in mine….and we stand together.

By Kylie Arnold

Please give generously.

Let's show our farmers that Aussies really do care, and that they are not alone in this hard times.

— Zachary Kohler (founder of Diamond K Country)

Other Ways to Help.

If you want to donate Hay, Volunteer , are a Trucking Company and you want to help, please contact Rural Aid.

Any & all help that you can offer to our Farmers

will be appreciated


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