Hi there!

My name is Margaret and I am the one person band behind Cactus Lace Leather: designer, maker and painter!

I enjoy walking, clogging and travelling in my camper van....

Above all else, I enjoy the blessed life I have been given by our Heavenly Father.

Cactus Lace Leather originated from my daughters involvement in Barrel Racing. Firstly she requested a saddle charm, then some 'cowgirl' earrings, and after some time, I created a phone pouch that would attach to her saddle.

What followed was some begging, borrowing and stealing (not really) of leather oddments
wherever they could be found. Through trial and error, the occasional leather work class, and much
research, some unique products began to emerge.
Mostly the inspiration is for Western and Cowgirl accessories, a style which is easily recognisable and
which Cactus Lace Leather enjoys creating.

As a calligrapher, words, names or initials using different scripts can be added to Cactus Lace Leather products.
This gives the brand a point of difference to

those using traditional tooling techniques.


“ Would recommend to anyone!!!! The Quality of the products made and
friendliness of staff is amazing.
I really love my phone pouch for my belt and saddle.”



“Hi just wanted to let u know that I bought a few of your earrings for my bridesmaids
as gifts and we all wore them for my wedding.

I am absolutely in love with them...”


- Nonie

Arm Bands


Phone Pouches
for Belts & Saddles

Saddle Charms

Mane Feathers



Apple Watch Bands

Key Chains & Dangles

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